Travel Between Malaysia and Singapore Getting Easier

Every day, thousands of people cross the border between Singapore and Malaysia.  Steps are being taken to ease some of the associated challenges. Malaysia and Singapore are home to the area’s highest-traffic border crossings.  Some border crossings are used to take advantage of recreational offerings located in each country.  Singaporeans enjoy the golf and Malaysians […]

Ikea’s First in Shanghai with 100% Electric Deliveries

There are many efforts to reduce the pollution in Shanghai and around the world.  Ikea’s bold pledge to help by converting 100% to electric delivery systems by 2025 has been achieved as a first in Shanghai. Shanghai was part of several key city implementations for the year 2020.  It provided a perfect first step to […]

Year of the PIg

Happy Lunar New Year!

Between 20 – 25% of the world’s population will be celebrating the holiday which has many names including Chinese New Year and Spring Festival.  Celebrating the return of Spring, it is a time to honor ancestors and family.  The travel home made by millions is the largest migration of humans on the planet. This year […]