MEET WITH US | EuRA in Munich

If  you haven’t already, schedule a meeting to meet with us during the EuRA conference next week in Munich. Steve Burson, CEO and Sharon Michnay, President will be attending both the TIRA meeting and EuRA conference to share information about our recent growth and learn all the news from our clients and partners.  We are […]

Travel Between Malaysia and Singapore Getting Easier

Every day, thousands of people cross the border between Singapore and Malaysia.  Steps are being taken to ease some of the associated challenges. Malaysia and Singapore are home to the area’s highest-traffic border crossings.  Some border crossings are used to take advantage of recreational offerings located in each country.  Singaporeans enjoy the golf and Malaysians […]

One Day Home Search – Challenging or Impossible?

When is a 1-Day home search not a 1-Day home search? The understanding of what it comprises and what can be accomplished in the timeframe is going through a change. This change is creating some general confusion along the supply chain from the corporate mobility team to the RMC, the assignee and the destination services […]