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Orientations, Inc. has been providing world-class Destination Services to corporate clients in the Far East since 1981.

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Orientations Inc. - Relo Network Asia is the leader in providing professional and highly personal Relocation Services throughout Asia Pacific.

With operations in over 25 countries and more than 30 years' expertise in all relocation related matters, Orientations is the first choice for companies wanting the highest level of personalized service for their international assignees.

Our customized solutions help corporate clients, assignees, and their families with everything from becoming familiar with a new environment and finding a home to cultural sensitivity training and help in navigating the visa and immigration process. We are with our clients from the moment they decide to relocate to a new country to the time they decide to return home.

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Orientations helps corporations relocate individuals across 25 different countries.

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Our Worldwide Destinations

Orientations is available in over in over 25 countries worldwide. We have experts on the ground in your destination country as well as people state-side who will help you manage your move.

Over 25     Countries Worldwide
Over 50,000     Families Relocated

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